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Until the mid 19th century in the west, clothes were distinctly gendered and items such as trousers were to be worn only by men. Victorian dress reformers in Britain protesting restrictive corsets and female suffragettes in the US campaigning for the right to vote began to were trousers, and later suits, as means of co-opting and resisting the patriarchy, challenging gender norms and ultimately enacting progressive social change. The rise of unisex fashion today can be directly linked to these historical social movements and highlight the important role that fashion and clothing can play in advancing society.

At U.Mi-1, we believe in uniting different cultures and people across the world through fashion and the introduction of unisex clothing into our collection reflects our desire to make the world a more inclusive place. 


Unisex Scarf Shirt


Global culture is changing and slowly becoming more inclusive. This shift has resulted in the rise of unisex fashion brands and gender-neutral clothes. Fashion brands are now designing clothes for people regardless of sex, gender We explore unisex fashion in this blog post and how U.Mi-1 is designing towards this future. 



  • Unisex fashion is an important part of society’s growth and progress.


  • Brands, celebrities, and fashion institutions are welcoming this change.


  • Unisex fashion allows customers a new way of expressing their identity.


Consumers’ desire for unisex fashion has urged stores to re-evaluate their shopping experiences. John Lewis removed ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ tags in their children’s section to accommodate a single space where shopping is determined by fit. In 2015, Selfridges launched an ‘Agender’ concept which took up three floors in its stores. Other retailers are rethinking their online and physical store layouts in order to be in touch with modern consumers. From luxury brands like Gucci to fast-fashion brands like Asos, department stores to independent boutiques, the fashion industry is embracing this wave of change towards gender norms.

Celebrities are also helping to push the envelope, English pop singer Sam Smith, ‘Flash’ actor Ezra Miller and “Orange Is The New Black’ star Ruby Rose all identify as genderfluid or non-binary, challenging popular ideas of masculinity today. Popular youtubers such as Jeffree Star and James Charles also challenge conventional standards of masculinity and beauty through the use of makeup, an item commonly seen as feminine.