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Suits may not be a usual summer item but many occasions demand them. Work and social occasions like weddings urge us to find stylish ways of wearing summer suits. In this post we’ll describe things to consider when purchasing summer suits, and ways to style and wear them well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Linen and cotton blends are the most appropriate fabrics for summer suits.
  • Choose lighter colours in summer for style and experiment with looser silhouettes.
  • Location should be considered when styling.

Summer Suits


Summer brings a vibe of ease in how we live and in what we wear to navigate the weather. And as much as you’d like to relax, work and events still exist, so you’ll have to dress appropriately. This is where the summer suit comes in to save the day. It is easy to think the words ‘summer’ and ‘ suit’ don’t match, well they can when you get some things right. The key things to consider are fabric, colour, and occasions like weddings which are aplenty in the summer.

Summer Suit Fabrics

It is quite important to think ahead of the sweat patches that rising temperatures are conspiring to give you. Breathable materials like linen, cotton and blends of the two serve well in hotter seasons.

Linen is a sure fire material for summer, its lightweight and breathable weave make it a no-brainer. If you’re not a fan of its wrinkled charm, consider purchasing a linen blend that contains cotton or wool. For something more luxurious, opt for a linen-silk blend like ours, ethically made in Italy.

Similarly, the cotton suit is a versatile choice that gives you a summer-friendly, refined yet casual look. Cotton is more rigid than wool suiting but it is also much cooler. Khaki is the tested and trusted colour for cotton suits, but by all means experiment with bolder colours. Our Navy Double Button Suit takes your cotton suit colour selection from normal to exceptional.


Cotton and linen are unlike winter suit fabrics like wool, cashmere and tweed which drape better, retains a suit’s shape and structure, as well as avoids wrinkling. While winter suits give way for a sharp and functional style needed to cope with the cold weather, for your ideal summer suit, think freedom. You can experiment with bolder colours and looser cutting-edge silhouettes.

Mens Summer Suit Styles

The Contemporary Suit

It doesn’t get more modern than a single-breasted, two-button suit with minimal trouser break that fits well. This style is an evergreen servant, and with the right fabrics for summer, you’re good to go.

The Statement Colour Suit

Summer is a great time to experiment with colour. Earthy tones and pastel shades fit well during this time. We’ll advise you to go for a slim fit if you want a youthful feel. Opt for an oversize fit for a more contemporary look.

The Patterned Suit


For the patterned suit, simply make sure the fit is right, and you style it with a neutral colour shirt. They are also a great option as suit separates, combining one piece with a block-colour companion.

Summer Suit with Shorts


The summer suit with shorts is a relevant style in men’s summer fashion. You basically replace the trousers from your suit with tailored, above the knee shorts. When done right, the contemporary nature of this look will get you plaudits for your adeptness in style.

The Tailored Separates

For less formal weddings or occasions, switch up your suiting to the relaxed option of tailored separates. After choosing fabric, decide on colour. Shades of blue and grey, softer neutrals, and pastel hues like mint and baby blue are solid on-trend options.

How to keep cool in a suit during summer

Dark colours absorb heat, while light colours reflect it, which is why it’s important to pick the right suit colour. The best colours you could pick for a suit in summer are tan, off white, beige, gray or light blue. If you want to play it safe, Khakis, light grays and baby blue have got you covered. However, red, berry, and various pastels are on the adventurous side.

Most suit jackets are fully lined, but the best option for summer is the half-lined jacket. It is breathable and comfortable on hot days, and it still maintains some structure in the shoulders.

The shirt you wear underneath will be in direct contact with your skin, so you’ll want it to be high quality. The best option for shirts in summer is a linen shirt because of its sweat wicking qualities. However, cotton works well too. Opt for short sleeved shirts to remain cooler.

How to style a summer suit for a wedding?


Review the venue if there isn’t a strict dress code. A light coloured suit with loafers would be appropriate for the beach, but cities would demand something sharper like Oxfords. You should go with earthy tones for the country, ditch the pastels, because they are likely to get stained.

Pick a statement shirt that would make your suit pop and look great once you lose the jacket. Your cotton or linen shirt should have a softer collar to match your less structured tailoring.

A waistcoat is another option. It helps you look dapper. It will also cover any sweat patches on your back when your jacket comes off in the evening. You can incorporate a waistcoat that matches your jacket or trousers for an added element.

Accessories are the icing on the cake of your summer suit, they are the gateway to expressing your creativity. If you’re keeping the suit light and simple, opt for contrast in bright socks or a patterned tie. On a statement suit, use the simplicity of a linen or seersucker tie or pocket square for some contrast. Nothing overly silky or shiny that will reflect sunlight – linen is a good choice for ties and pocket squares.

Remain true to your personal style by adding subtle touches. Add a neatly folded printed pocket square or a contrast-sole brogue to make your look memorable. Take a look at a colour wheel for colour inspirations.


In conclusion, when you’re stepping out this summer to a place that demands suits, remember all that we’ve mentioned above. And as soon as you apply these summer suiting basics, looking dapper in summer will be more pleasure than pain.

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