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Shorts provide much-needed breathing space to the legs in the summer, they are needed more so as global temperatures increase. In this post, we delve into summer shorts in style, how to choose shorts that fit your body type, and how to care for your shorts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shorts are establishing themselves as a staple for the contemporary man.
  • The right colours and patterns depend on your leg shape.
  • When purchasing shorts, choose quality over quantity


As the summers become hotter, it is less appealing to wear trousers all the time. Good thing we have men’s shorts. Shorts were popular with men in the 70s and 80s until they went out of fashion in the 90s. Since then, men have worn trousers even in sweltering heat without questioning why. Thankfully the tide is turning, and shorts made a comeback on runways and in the streets today. As menswear tries to become less restrictive and more interesting, shorts are an establishing staple for the contemporary man. Truly, the feel of a gentle breeze brushing your thigh is as unrestrictive as it gets.

Popular Styles of Shorts

Tailored Shorts

Tailored shorts are not necessarily new, but they are very versatile. Furthermore, they allow your legs to breathe. You could either go the smart-casual way with a simple dress shirt, a blazer and loafers. Or you could go the casual way with patterned tops like a Hawaiian shirt or a lightweight knitted sweatshirt. Opt for versatile colours like beige, khaki, and navy to improve its adaptability or summer fresh colours like pink and purple.


Denim Shorts

The fit of denim shorts is very important, a form-fitting pair of denim shorts is inappropriate in most scenarios. Likewise, a long and clingy pair doesn’t work either. The best look is one that allows comfortable room between your legs and the fabric. Wearing just a T-shirt will look quite bare, so take it up a notch with a shirt or sweatshirt.



Our African denim shorts checks all the boxes of versatile and adaptable summer shorts. It is made from Aso-Oke, a 15cm-width hand-loomed traditional regal cloth worn at festivals and important events. They can be styled with a jacket and a T-shirt, or a neutral dress shirt to accentuate the fabric pattern.


Bermuda Shorts


Bermuda shorts are knee-length shorts typically worn as office wear in the Bermudas because of the tropical weather. Normally worn with a blazer, shirt, tie, and corporate shoes, the rules differ when they aren’t for work. Depending on the weather and situation, you can pair them with a rolled-up chambray shirt, lightweight sweater and trainers.


Sport Shorts

Sports shorts are a retro call back to the days when sportsmen wore these highly cropped active shorts. With the athleisure movement in full spring today, there are increasing numbers of scenarios where these are appropriate. But as we consider the synthetic fabrics they are usually made of, we offer alternatives made in cotton.


Fit and Colour

To choose the right fit of shorts, you must consider your body type. If you’re above 6 feet with broad shoulders and chest, chances are every type of shorts will look good on you. Conversely, tall men with a slender build, should go for shorts with an 8” inseam; and avoid baggy shorts.


However, for shorter buff men, swim shorts are great. A higher inseam accentuates your legs and vertical stripes would make you look taller. Similarly, swim shorts work for short and slender men, but remember to avoid large patterns because they overpower your stature. When selecting patterns, opt for microprint or low contrast stripes.

Furthermore, colours and patterns of shorts have an effect on how your leg looks, depending on your leg shape. A darker colour can slim down thick thighs by eliminating shadow, whereas, a bold print can obscure skinny legs. But, always avoid black in the summer as it absorbs more heat. So think tan, olive, beige, pastel shades of pink and purple, off white and navy.


Qualty over Quantity

It is said that the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low prices are forgotten. Therefore, if should be a rule of thumb to select fewer better quality shorts over a lot of low quality ones. Moreover, when you wear worn out shorts in public, you look more unkempt and less liberated. In addition, we ask you consider your responsibility to the Earth as a consumer not to enable fast fashion.

The contemporary men’s shorts we design at U Mi-1 can help you create interesting looks. You’ll also be wearing a piece of Nigerian culture. For example. is a softly layered piece that channels the fluidity of Eyo dancers.


How To Care for Your Shorts

Machine wash cotton shorts and tumble dry them on a low setting, then remove promptly when finished to avoid wrinkles. If your shorts are made from linen, they are dry clean only. In truth, the less frequently you dry clean your shorts, the better. If you simply need to remove a wrinkle, ironing or steaming that section should be sufficient. If you machine wash your shorts, turn them inside out before washing to help deter lint and fading.



In conclusion, shorts are an increasingly essential part of your summer wardrobe, with versatility trousers can only dream of. A pair of quality shorts will serve you well in several scenarios and make you ooze confidence. Once you get the fit and colour right, you may find yourself wearing them more often.


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