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With warmer days fast approaching, it will soon be time to bring on summer clothing. Before we start preparing for the summer, let’s have a look at some fashion trends. This article will cover everything including colours, styles and silhouettes that will be in style throughout the season. We want to give you a range of inspiration so that you can look and feel your best. As we believe in individual style over following trends, our advise is derived from picking out the best styling options from extensive trend research including industry knowledge from Premiere Vision.

The Summer Palette

This year’s summer palette incudes many moody, rusty colours that are most often used in autumn; many of the colours this year are influenced by nature. The whole environmental style also trickles down into shapes and silhouettes. This years’ colour palette is rich, intense and moody. A strong contrast to the usual mints and delicate millennial pinks that recent summers have been known for.

This season we encourage you to be bold and let your imagination do the talking. Incorporate some popular pantone colours like saffron, classic blue, and flame scarlet into your wardrobe, or pick any other bold fashion trends that suit your style.

Colour Coordination

Full colour coordination ie using the same colour or pattern to create a whole outfit is an interesting concept that can really make you stand out from the crowd. For styles like that, the ideal garments should be either classic and simplistic to really show off the colour, or heavier layered looks that can use shadows, folds and drapes of material to create interesting visual effects. Whichever style you choose at U.Mi-1 we offer you a perfect selection of pieces that can make your style work wonders for you.

We also offer outfits created using our Aso-Oke fabric which can offer the perfect colour coordination for your look. The interesting, indigenous Nigerian fabric has been reworked into denim creating a modern look ideal for the summer. We offer jackets and trousers in a range of colours so that you can create your ideal colour coordinated look. 


Dyed and Overdyed

Natural colours are taking the stage this year. With them, dyed garments are also coming back into style. Due to their uniqueness and often hand-finished look, dyed garments have an incredible connection with the more frivolous part of the human nature. Fashion trends closely follow societal shifts and as we move further into sustainability fashion responds with matching colour selection.


At U.Mi-1 we offer a range of hand dyed and printed garments. Our ‘Mood Indigo’ collection celebrates the hand dyeing process of adire. This process involves resistant wax dyeing creating an incredible result – each piece of cloth is unique, allowing for the ultimate luxury. It is an indigenous technique threatened by the growing popularity of cheap clothing and synthetic fabrics.

Fabrics: Connecting To Nature

At U.Mi-1 we have always strived to be connected to nature and use fabrics that do not harm our environment. We use linen and seersucker fabrics which are as sustainable as they are beautiful. The added advantage of these materials is their breathability. Unlike many man-manufactured fibers and cloths, linen and seersucker have the incredible ability to wick and absorb sweat.


In hot climates and during the increasingly hot summers in Europe, natural fibers offer comfort unmatched by any other material. We recommend that when looking to upgrade your wardrobe you consider adding a range of natural garments that can offer protection from the sun while at the same time making you look your best.

Seamlessly Blending Between Work and Play

Beyond the shirts we have also used the oversized cut on our jackets and blazers. Our designers’ intention was to allow for a smooth and seamless transition between working clothing and the everyday wear. Our inspiration comes from the aim to bring freedom to our customers permitting them to use the garment any way they like and not being constrained by its official shape or cut.



Utilitarian Silhouettes

Pockets are to become an important piece for outfits this season. Whether on shorts, shirts or jackets, pockets are what it is all about. Select a classic military style cargo shorts and match it with a similarly utilitarian shirt or contrast it with a modern kaftan look. Create a style that is truly your own and that really expresses your personality. Besides their ability to visually change a garment’s look, pockets are also very useful whether you’re in the office or having a walk along the beach.

At U.Mi-1, we offer a selection of military inspired pieces. Including shirts, jackets and trousers in a variety of colours and styles. If you are looking for more classic pieces our panelled t-shirts offer a modern and contemporary take on a wardrobe staple.


We are always aiming to concentrate on the details. For that reason we often add elements to our clothing that can make it really stand out in the crowd like the metal buckles on our pockets. Elements like that can add to the overall utilitarian look of the shirt. At the same time they are making it all the more unique and compelling. Such particularity in detailing is reflected in this years’ fashion trends where small detailing makes all the difference.

Sheer: The Delicate Joy

Sheer shirts, jackets and trousers are an interesting and revealing choice for this season. This season sheer fabrics will take the front stage. Delicate sheer shirt can be a great way to not only highlight your masculinity, but also to remain cool in the increasingly hot summers.



Cargo Trousers

In fashion trends come and go and we often look to the past for inspiration. A big silhouette influence are 90s style cargo trousers. The loose-fitting silhouette and classic cargo style pockets create unique garments perfect for evening summer strolls. Cargo trousers look amazing matched with a simple, fitted t-shirts, as it complements the loose silhouette. They can also be chic and close cut for a smart-casual look. Check out our cargo denim trousers for our unique take.


Colours and silhouettes for this season have a relaxed and modern feel. Inspired by nature and the early 60s and 70s, the loose style offers people the ability to dress for comfort and express themselves. The colours are moody and strong, while the materials bring shine and sheer to balance them out. Shapes are mostly loose while pockets not only add embellishment but also functionality. This season everybody can find something to underline their personality and express their style allowing people to become their best selves. Browse through the full selection of our products to find something that will really suit your wardrobe.