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Your alarm clock rings, you switch it off, you check your phone, you wake up, and before you know it, your wardrobe is calling you! You open one of its doors and your question is always the same: “What am I going to wear today?”

A Contemporary Take On African Culture

A Kaftan is a collarless long tops with a polo style front opening and two side slits. Popular in North Africa and West Africa, kaftans are worn by any gender.

Kaftans are a common wardrobe staple to many people in Africa and Asia. Worn by both men and women not just for everyday use but also for important social gatherings, the kaftan is an extremely versatile garment and is suitable for many occasions.

In keeping with U.Mi-1’s brand ethos to connect and bridge different cultures through art and fashion, our creative director Gozi is proud to launch our kaftan shirt, a contemporary twist to this humble but iconic garment. Taking elements from her Nigerian heritage and blending Japanese minimalism and sharp british tailoring, the U.Mi-1 Kaftan is a stylish new take on the classic dress shirt.

How to Wear It

Constructed with a relaxed but fitted silhouette, the U.Mi-1 Kaftan features a simple but elegant shirt collar and polo style opening that makes it a versatile and easily styled garment.  The U.Mi-1 Kaftan can be paired with almost any kind of bottom – from bermudas for a casual day time look to chinos for a more work appropriate outfit. The possibilities are endless.

The U.Mi-1 Kaftan can dressed up or down – be professional for a work meeting during the day, formal for a dinner date or casual for night out with friends just by changing the pants, shoes or accessories you wear with it.  We recommend our customers try their U.Mi-1 Kaftan tucked in with trousers and perhaps a blazer for a more formal look.


Kaftan Shirt Colours

A pop of colour can make all the difference in elevating a look from boring to stylish. A deep amber yellow has been a favourite of ours this season – It catches the eyes and you can pair it with other colours to create fresh combinations.  Match our amber yellow kaftan with a pair of green chinos or blue trousers to be bold and loud. For a more subdued mood, our kaftan shirt also comes in navy, grey, white and black.


Why is a Kaftan Shirt a Must-Have Item?

U.Mi-1 believes in well designed clothing that is also timeless in style. With its simple cut, classic detailing and unique design twists we think the kaftan shirt is a great example of our brand’s design philosophy. The U.Mi-1 Kaftan is the wardrobe staple everyone should have: Stylish, versatile and not too ostentatious, the shirt is the perfect look for a wide range of occasions.


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